• Ellinor Bjurström

    Ellinor (22) started her model career when she was 13 and was scouted by H&M. After that she has been working for several agencies in Sweden, Barcelona, Turkey and USA. 

    Follow Ellinor here: 

    Instagram: @ellinorbjurstrom

    Blog: ellinorbjurstrom.com

  • Emma Elsässer

    Emma (23) startet her model career when she was 20 years old working at a golf course. She was scouted several times since she was 13/14, but chose to wait several years before she gave it a try. Emma has worked for fashion agencies in Sweden, London and USA.

  • Jennifer Larsén

    Jennifer (23) was scouted on the street in Stockholm when she was sixteen. Since then she has been working for agencies in Sweden, Milano and USA. 

    Follow Jennifer here: 

    Instagram: @jenniferlarsen

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