90% of swedish girls feel bad about themselves because of the fashion industry.

Enough is enough! That is why Kari Traa is changing the game.

About The Swedish Model

Kari Traa is a brand for girls, by girls. The Swedish Model is our initiative to establish a healthy standard of how the sports and fashion industry treat their models, and manage their powerful impact on young girls.

We have developed a draft of ethical rules for models in the fashion industry. These rules are basic human rights that we believe should be best practice in the sports and fashion industry. 

We want to inspire the sports and fashion industry to get involved and join forces for a healthier industry.


What we are doing

We have recruited three young Swedish models who all experienced the pressure to obtain virtually unattainable ideals. 

The girls will go trough a transformative experience to be reminded that body and looks is not everything. A dress size does not define beauty or who you are. 

There are other values in life that are much more important. Let's make them happier, healthier and stronger!

Our models have been struggling low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders. – issues that many young girls are fighting every day. Our mission is to make Swedish girls follow the journey and through the process feel better about themselves.

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The Human Model Rights

We want to encourage the fashion industry to get involved in the development of the human model rights. Together we will create a set of rules and hopefully implement them in all parts of the sports and fashion industry.


Sofi Fahrman - The Swedish Model

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